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Sellin & Binz – Best Resorts in Rügen

6 lutego 2017
Sellin & Binz – Best Resorts in Rügen

It is safe to say that Sellin enjoys greater popularity than Binz. This doesn’t mean that Binz is worse. Binz makes up for elegance, luxury and the most beautiful (the cleanest) beach. Sellin owes its fame to a popular restaurant on the Sea, which is part of the pier. If you type the word „Rügen” in google you will notice what I mean. Beyond the cliffs, you can find pictures from Sellin. However, we enjoyed Binz better than Sellin. If you want to know why, read our memories from this places!


Sellin & Binz 

How to get from Sassnitz to Sellin?
  • … maybe by bike?

We wanted to rent a bike. That was our plan from the beginning. So we went back to the tourist information in order to consult our idea. Meanwhile, the guy from tourist info has strongly advised against such kind of transport (to our surprise). He told us that the route is very unpleasant and bumpy. He discouraged us efficiently, but we were very unhappy. Even the 28 km one way didn’t frighten us that much, but we listened his advice. It came to us probably good. The road to Sellin was narrow and busy, and the cycle route wasn’t always next to it.

  • By bus!

From Sassnitz bus goes directly to Sellin. We had to pay for a ticket a few euros (I don’t remember how much it was), but also the route was longer. It takes less than an hour, because many buses rides around a little bit, to get to all of the villages. The funny thing was that we weren’t sure when to get off, because the names of the stops are not that obvious. So when it turned out that the last stop in Sellin is ahead of us, we jumped out of the bus as quickly as possible! Luckily, that was the right place. Exactly this stop, where we supposed to get off!

Sellin Seebrücke

We were standing in the middle of crossroad, a lil bit confused. Baltic sea wasn’t visible – so which way to go? Luckily, we noticed a sign – only a few houndred meters to the Seebrücke. We moved forward, sorrounded by villages, small gift shops and restaurants. After few minuts, we finally approached the spot. View of the Seebrücke is incredible!


View of the Seebrücke




Amazing beach in Sellin


Exploring Seebrücke 🙂

When you reach the end of the pier, you will see a weird capsule, that for 8€ take you underwater to show you amazing Baltic life! Sounds cool, isn’t it? Well, I even didn’t have to read the reviews of this adventures thing to know that it will be a waste of money. As far as I know, Baltic is quite turbid and you won’t see there colorful corals or fishes like in Egypt or somewhere else. So don’t feel bad when you skip this attraction!

Next to this capsule is located a ferry stop! If I’m not mistaken, this ferry comes from Sassnitz. I don’t know how often and how much it costs, but if you look at the bus plan that I have attached in RÜGEN. THE GERMAN ISLAND WITH SCANDINAVIAN CHARACTER post you will see that such a connection exists! It might be a nice alternative connection to the bus, because Rügen coastline is really beautiful!


Underwater capsule 🙂

I admire the beautiful coastline


Just in case we had swimwear and towels in backpack. Weather was quite good, but for sunbathing and sea swimming a little too cold and too cloudy. So lazy sunbathing turned into a walk on the beach. The sand was wonderful! Pure gold and for that very wide beach! Only at the edge was again a lot of algae, which were not too pleasing to the eye and the nose. Luckily, the water wasn’t that polluted by them 😊. The farther we walked away from Seebrücke, the beach was shrinking more and more and it started look like the beach in Jasmund NP.


Right behind me – the ferry that goes from Sassnitz to Sellin!


At same point, Sellin beach looked like beach in Jasmund NP

Just to remind you that we are still on Rügen 🙂


Time for a lunch! Of course we couldn’t find anything that would suit us. The choice was quite sizable, but rather the price too high for us. We wanted to have a currywurst, but unfortunately no one was selling them. We decided to go to Binz and try our there. On our way to the bus stop, we passed very nice bakery and very old, historic Villa!

Blue Bakery 🙂

Historic Villa 🙂


From Sellin to Binz is not so far, so our journey took around 20 min. I don’t remember the ticket price, but it wasn’t that bad because of short distance.We started to look for our Currywurst but from the very beginning we knew it would be difficult. Binz abounds in luxury villes, boutiques and restaurants. Representative boulevard begins at the main road and stretches down to the sea. At least, this time we could notice the Baltic, so we knew which way to go!  After 15 minutes of walking in circles, in a side street, we have found what we were looking for. The restaurant looked shabby, but Currywurst with chips for 6 € was the best I’ve ever eaten in Germany! When we came it was completely empty (we were the only customer), but when we got our portions, suddenly dull-looking booth was almost full!! After filling stomachs, we bought ice cream to clog up even more, and we went to the beach! 😀

Sunbath vol. 2

Finally, we felt like somewhere in the south of Europe. For the first time, the sun was shining so nice and even the beach was more beautiful than in Sellin. No more algaes was there! The smooth sheet of transparent and clean water encouraged for bathing. Only the temperature was unfriendly for swimming. We spread the towels to sit down on this beautiful beach as the biggest VIPs. However, it was obvious that the village was mainly intended for them, but we trully enjoyed this splendor 🙂 . More than Sellin.

At the end, we took some pictures. The most representive building in Binz is Kurhaus Hotel! It’s really beautiful and has perfect location (almost on the beach) 🙂


So happy to be there 🙂

„Beach Castle” behind me 😉

Kurhaus hotel

In front of villa’s 🙂

That’s all! We came back to Sassnitz – yeah it was quite late! Buses from Binz goes directly to Sassnitz! Have you been to Sellin or Binz? Did you like it? Share with us your opinion!

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