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  • Italy Venice

    Where to eat cheap and well in Venice?

    Expensive or cheap? Is there anyone who doesn’t think where to eat cheap and well in Venice? 😀 I think only someone who has a large wallet or loves to eat! Generally as for…

    3 marca 2018
  • Italy Venice

    Things to see in Venice!

    Venice in winter is not so bad! I’ve just came back from my lovely trip and now I want to share with you things to see in Venice. I had only 3, short winter…

    27 lutego 2018
  • Italy

    Why you should go to Ercolano?

    Ercolano – a forgotten city Have you heard of Ercolano? Well, I’m not suprised if you don’t, because most of you know only Pompei. Unfortunately, Ercolano also shared the fate of the tragic events. However,…

    24 stycznia 2018
  • Italy Naples

    Naples – I want to come back!

    Things to see in Naples! Naples has always been on my travel list. Although I have already fulfilled my dream, I still have Naples on this list. I feel like I haven’t seen everything…

    12 listopada 2017