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The most beautiful town hall in Sweden – Helsingborg

8 maja 2018
In search of gems

During my first Erasmus in Lund, I visited Helsingborg twice. Although the city has only 142 thousand residents, it is the 8th largest city in Sweden. Helsingborg is also one of the oldest Swedish cities. The beginnings of settlement date back to the 11th century. The reason of such a rapid and early development of the city is its convenient location at the shortest sea route between Denmark and Sweden. The ferry crossing takes only 20 minutes here. Until the Oresund bridge was built between Malmo and Copenhagen, this route was the fastest and most convenient form of the crossing. It is still very popular, but it definitely lost its importance. Nevertheless, the city encourages tourists to come even for one purpose. During my stay in Sweden, I saw many towns, but what I saw in Helsingborg totally amazed me. In fact, it is the only attraction of this city and it’s the only reason that I write about Helsingborg! 🙂 Let me show you the most beautiful Swedish Town Hall!

How to get to Helsingborg?

In my case, the journey began in Lund, where I was at my first Erasmus. You can also easily get from the largest city in the region – Malmo. The fastest solution will be train. You can check prices and timetables here. An alternative to trains can be the Swebus bus. It’s worth to compare prices, because the trip is not so long, so you will also fit to the bus with no problem! 😉

Terrasstrapporna – a monumental stairs

The historic staircase in Helsingborg is one of the few attractions of the city. They were built in the years 1899 – 1903. The stairs connect the old city with a park located up to 40 meters higher. This proves quite diversified area of the city. Terrasstrapporna is an elegant and modest landmark. I would say that even quite simple, but on the other hand, simplicity also has its charm. From the top of the stairs you can admire the panorama of the city, and even Denmark. The opposite bank is so close in this place that even on a cloudy day it can be easily seen. 🙂


Terrasstrapporna and the view from the top

Yep, I was there! 😀

Kärnan tower
As I have already mentioned, Helsingborg is one of the oldest cities in Sweden. Apparently, already in the twelfth century, a fortress was built in the city. At present, only a tower, called Kärnan, has survived from the fortress. It is not perhaps a must-see monument, but it is worth knowing about the existence of such a building! 🙂 😀

Znalezione obrazy dla zapytania Kärnan

Kärnan. Source: https://pl.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g189836-d319184-Reviews-Karnan_the_keep_of_Helsingborg-Helsingborg_Skane_County.html

The most beautiful Swedish town hall! 🙂

Who would have thought that in such an inconspicuous Swedish town is the most beautiful town hall? For a moment, I couldn’t believe that this building is just a town hall! I was convinced that it is one of Walt Disney’s castles. 😉 In the meantime, it turned out to be the seat of local authorities. 😀 The construction of this neo-gothic town hall was completed in 1897. The author of this red miracle is Alfred Hellerström. Personally, it reminds me a bit of a building made of Lego bricks. Actually, it is such an amazing building that I don’t have enough words to describe it well! 🙂

The most beautiful Swedish town hall!

Okay, if it’s not enough for you, I will add that it is good to connect this trip with Helsingor lying on the opposite bank! I will tell you about it soon! 🙂

However, would you come to Helsingborg especially to see the Town Hall? 🙂

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