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Where to eat cheap and well in Venice?

3 marca 2018
Expensive or cheap?

Is there anyone who doesn’t think where to eat cheap and well in Venice? 😀 I think only someone who has a large wallet or loves to eat! Generally as for Italy, especially in Venice, eating out is not the cheapest thing. You have to be aware of this when planning a trip to Italy. It is also not that there is no cheap street food or other pubs. However, they are not around every corner. Fortunately, Venice is not such a big city, and in every part of it you can find something that will fit your budget. In this post I will show you where were we eating during our stay in Venice. I will also show you how to do a good research on the internet of such places. Sit back and relax – we take off! 🙂

Where to eat cheap and well in Venice – where to start?

Maybe you will be surprised a bit, but I rarely read blogs on this topic. Why? I don’t always find what I am looking for. In this matter, there are more content for travelers with a higher budget. 😛 Besides, we often go to the easy way and go to Burger King (that’s why I rarely read these blogs). 😀 Unfortunately, we didn’t see this type of fast-food in Venice. 😛 Fortunately, you can check everything in Trip Advisor, where you can eat cheap food and don’t get sick the same day! All you need to do is click on the appropriate filters and you’ll see a list of different restaurants. You can also click here (I’ve already set up for you). 🙂 Save some of them just in case, from different parts of the city – in the end you never know where hunger will come to you! 😛

Cafe Florian

As alow-cost travelers, we start from the most expensive café in Venice. 😀 What a hypocrisy – you probably think to yourself. I’m eager to explain! In Venice we celebrated our 4th anniversary. 😉 I managed to persuade Darek for dessert, in the oldest Venetian cafe – Cafe Florian. It has been functioning since 1720 and is therefore the most beautiful cafe in Venice (maybe we haven’t been to all cafes, but it is really beautiful). Its oriental interiors encourage you to stop here for even a tiny cup of coffee. Unfortunately, for everything that is beautiful you have to pay, and of course a lot. For this small set below we paid 30 euros. Maybe a place is cool, but whether these drinks were worth that much money – I don’t think so!

Interestingly, before we decied that we can afford a small dessert at Cafe Florian, we checked the menu on the internet. Prices weren’t a tragedy. Meanwhile, on the spot, prices in the Menu were TWO TIMES HIGHER! Now my question is: is that due Carnival Time or the Internet Menu is expired? 😉

Cafe Florian

Cafe Florian

Cafe Florian

Cafe Florian

Dal Moro’s Fresh Pasta to Go

Our dessert at Cafe Florian was more expensive than our two lunch … ;D So it’s time for a real dose of knowledge where to eat cheap and well in Venice! After Cafe Florian, to balance out a little budget, we went to Dal Moro’s Fresh Pasta to Go. The restaurant had a lot of positive reviews on Trip Advisor and appetizing-looking photos, both owners and customers. As the name suggests, you can only eat pasta! It is served in boxes that the average girl will satisfy, but the man will only satisfy for a moment! 😀 Generally very tasty and decent price. Depending on the type of sauce, prices ranged between 5-7 euros. You can also choose the type of pasta yourself. As the name suggests, the bar doesn’t have too much space to eat the pasta inside. Fortunately, there are many corners nearby where you can sit back and eat peacefully. I had the opportunity to try seafood pasta (perfect choice with lots of big pieces) and Darek had Chicken Alfredo.

Dal Moro’s Fresh Pasta to Go

Dal Moro’s Fresh Pasta to Go

Shopping in grocery

We always visit grocery’s on our trips. Within 3 days we spent a total of 30 euros. For this amount we bought ingredients for 3 portions of breakfast and 2 portions of supper. In addition, we also bought water for the entire stay and some wine. 😉

So Sweet!

During the tour of Burano we were hit by a terrible hunger. To our surprise, in this quite popular place, there were not many cafes. Bah! There were not even many shops where you could buy something a snack. We managed to find a not very encouraging bakery. Prices for ordinary snacks cost between 1-4 euros. They looked quite interesting, but they were hard and not very tasty!

It looks nice but it didn’t taste that good

The pizza doesn’t always have to be good

During the second day of sightseeing, at lunchtime, we searched unsuccessfully for our pizza bar. Even GPS refused the cooperation. Tired, hungry and resigned, we entered the bar, which is located next to the famous Suso ice-cream. First of all we had to pay for table setting (coperto) 2 euros per person (seriously I hate this weird Italian habit). Pizza cost from 7 to 10 euros. In general, prices are not yet high, but the food is also very average. We didn’t plan this bar – the situation forced us. 😛

Suso – the most instagram ice cream cafe in Venice

Although the season and the weather didn’t fully favor the fan of ice creams, I couldn’t resist the temptation to try ice cream in Venice. For this purpose, I visited the famous Suso ice-cream cafe among Instagramers. Luckily, ice cream not only looks beautiful on photos, but also tastes great! Lots of original and expressive flavors, as well as a large selection of wafers. Prices for such a popular ice creams quite decent! 🙂

Prawda, że piękny? 😀

Bar Al Canton and tramezzini

On the third day we visited less popular corners of Venice, but how beautiful! We found there more locals than tourists. Thanks to that, we came to the „family” Bar Al Canton. Although it was not 12 yet, Saturday Italians were already discussing loud and drinking Aperol. 😉 We ordered the classic Capuccino for 1.5 euros (which is a very good price)! Two days earlier, in the more touristy part of the city, we paid twice as much!! Due to low prices, we also tried the tramezzini, extremely popular in this region (2.8 euros). They are oval or triangular sandwiches made of white bread, the contents of which can be of „all kinds”. Ours was with chicken in chilli sauce! Veeeeeery tasty! 🙂

Bar Al Canton


Osteria Al Squero

Osteria Al Squero is the right answer to the question where to eat cheap and well in Venice! 🙂 This small place, located in the Gallerie dell’Accademia area, attracts tourists like a magnet. Usually is full of people, tasty and cheap! The bar has a lot of positive reviews on Trip Advisor. The perfect place for a snack, especially during a sunny day. You can then sit at the canal and satisfy your taste buds. We decided to buy 8 small rolls and Aperol. Such pleasure cost us 16 euros. Tasty, but not enough for lunch. 🙂 It’s better to treat it as a second breakfast, dessert or dinner! 😀




That’s all I’ve prepared for you! I hope that the guide where to eat cheap and well in Venice will be useful for you! 🙂 How are your culinary conquests in this city? 😀

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