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Moritzburg – a fairytale palace of Augustus II the Strong

18 marca 2018
Moritzburg – summer residence of the Polish king

I will always remember Moritzburg with fondness. I spent here my last day of Erasmus journey. Two days earlier my parents came for me, and taking advantage of the opportunity that I finally had a car at my disposal, I persuaded them on a trip to Moritzburg. This beautiful baroque water palace is only 20 minutes away from Dresden. Moritzburg was the summer residence of August II the Strong. On his request the castle was rebuilt so that the polish ruler could rest in it peacefully. Today palace can be visited by tourists the whole year. How it looks now and what can you expect here? I will show you in this entry! 🙂

How to get to Moritzburg?

In my case the way was easy and simple. I traveled by car from Leipzig, where I spent my second Erasmus. However, it is best to travel from Dresden. For this purpose, you should buy Sachsen Ticket, if you will be traveling to Dresden by train. Here you can read how those tickets works. However, if you go straight from Dresden, then it is best to take bus 326, which leaves from Dresden Neustadt. The journey takes about 20 minutes. Here you can check the timetable of the bus.

The short story of the castle

The Moritzburg Castle was built between 1542 and 1546 as a hunting lodge for Prince Maurice Wettin. Less than 200 years later, the Polish King August II the Strong transformed the castle into a summer palace. That is why a park was designed in which the king could rest in peace. To present days, the Park occupies a sizeable area, and at the same time is a very neat place. The nearby lakes encourage to swimming, but the only ones authorized for these activities are birds and fishes. 😛 There are three other large lakes nearby. The area is therefore the perfect place to relax in peace and quiet!

The decorative elements of the castle are dedicated to the court art of hunting. Among them, the Polish arm proudly stands out. In this way they refer to the original use of the castle, and the Polish arms recalls the Polish accent of this place.

Beautiful Palace!

Beautiful Palace!

Beautiful Palace!

Beautiful Palace!

Beautiful Palace!

Polish Arms

The interior of the Castle

Entrance to the Castle costs 8 euro for adults and 6.5 euro for youth and students. Prices are quite high, compared to what Moritzburg offers. Don’t get me wrong, but for the number of exhibits and rooms, the price is really high! Also take into consideration the fact that we are in a poorer part of Germany! 😉 Here you can check the opening hours of the palace.

The interior of the palace is primarily in Baroque style and furnishings from that period. However, the palace doesn’t offer a big collection. The hunting room makes the biggest impression, although here the feelings can be ambiguous. The huge hall is adorned with the most distinguished antlers that were „captured” during the hunts. The momentum and quantity can arouse admiration and sadness at the same time.

During our visit a fairytale exhibition was also available. It seems to me that it was temporary, but I can be wrong. Anyway, in the castle there were several hundred different mouse figurines with a human attitude. Carefully stuffed mouse looked alive, but they were frozen in motion. The fantasy of this exhibition didn’t know the limits. There was a mouse on the carriage, dressed in a beautiful outfit, and other mice were pinned to the carriage. A real fairy tale! Unfortunately, photography was forbidden, so I won’t share with you this extraordinary experience.

Beautiful Palace!

Beautiful Palace!

Beautiful Palace!

The current residents of the palace! 😀

The Baroque Palace didn’t cost us too much time. Maybe its interiors are a bit disappointing after what the eyes see outside, but still, it’s worth coming here!

And have you already been in fairy-tale Moritzburg? 🙂

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