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17 stycznia 2018

Travel nails content is a bit unusual and probably the first of its kind on the blog. However, I think it is desirable and still not used by other bloggers topic! 😀  The topic is about the time, because the hands are one of the most representative part of our body! This doesn’t mean that only nails straight from the salon are elegantly, because and a natural look will always be in fashion. 🙂 However, which one of us doesn’t like a bit of extravagance and comfort? 😀 I haven’t always been convinced to the Nail Gels. The first time I went with my friend and I got classic french look. I was delighted! I didn’t have a stable source of income at that time, so I didn’t come back fast. Four years later I went again. Since then, I am a regular customer, and before a bigger trip, the look of my nails refers to the country I am going to. Hence the idea to share with you great nails inspirations for the journey! 😀


Readers of my blog certainly noticed that I mainly travel around Europe, hence my nails will only be stylized to this region. I also collected some cool themes from the Internet, which I hope to try in the future and replace later with my own photos. 🙂 In this way, I prepared inspiration not only for you, but for myrself! 😀

When looking for themes, I came to the conclusion that they can be divided into three categories:

The first one is nails in the style of flags or colors from the flag. I also used this themes when I was traveling to Manchester and Liverpool!

I decided to paint only one nail, and to create nice contrast the rest was painted black

Scandinavian flags look always nice! 🙂

I really like this German motive. Look much more cooler then regular colors!

You can always bet on minimalism! 🙂

The second category is nails of any color, but with symbols referring to country. I used this style going to Paris and now I plan this type of nails when I’ll go to Venice! 🙂

Don’t you think is beautiful? 🙂

Carnival time!

London always in shape

<3 my love from the first site. I think I’ll go to Munich in September/October 😀

Someone is going to the East part of Europe? 😀

Flag and symbols? No problem! 😀

The third category seems to be easy, because it is universal. 😀 I often use it myself, because I don’t always have an idea or fancy, or it is simply difficult to refer to a given country through „art” on the nails. 😀 Then I pick just a color or colors, thanks to which I can still refer somehow  to the climate of the journey. 🙂

Turquoise always fit to Greece! Right? 🙂

2 week trip around Spain and Portugal? Ok, you have to bet on the original colors and an universal symbol. 🙂

2 week trip around Spain and Portugal? Ok, you have to bet on the original colors and an universal symbol. 🙂

Gdańsk in October? Why not to use nice, deep blue on your nails? 😀

Natural Escape? Bet on green nails! They don’t look that bad! 🙂


As you know, Americans are love their national colors. We often see them even on the streets in Europe, because clever marketing has introduced them as fashionable elements of clothing. I must admit that I also like it. I am a fan of stars, so all those themes are close to my heart. If you are loooking for cool american inspirations, I found a large amount of nail pictures with the American flag style! That’s why I decided to post only one 🙂 I’ve also found an interesting inspiration if you are going to Canada! However, the coolest style from America are Aztec patterns. I guess all ladies love them, because they have large selection of style and colors. 🙂

American Woman!

Classic Canada

Love it! I wanna go to Mexico 😀

Love it! I wanna go to Mexico 😀


This time for Africa, so put on all colors you know! Women of Africa love colors and are not afraid to show it. You can also show it on your nails! From the classic sunsets on the Serengeti to so colorful nails like never before! 😀

Classic African sunset!

Or maybe crazy Kenya?

I really like this idea! 🙂

Crazy colors! Are you brave enough? 😀

Crazy colors! Are you brave enough? 😀 – I would do this! 😀

  • Oriental

If you plan North Africa or the Middle East, it’s worth to get a bit of elegance and madness! That’s how I would describe these climates:

When I saw this nail I had thought: Middle East 😀

Ok I know, not everyone likes green. This one is more elegant! 🙂


Honestly, Asia was the worst case. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I typed bad keywords, or Asian theme on nails are not popular. In any case, I managed to find a lot of pics, but only regarding Japan. I got something Chinese too, but it’s literally one theme. Japan can be presented by blooming cherries, pagodas, manga, kokeshi (dolls) and Japanese letters.

Blooming cheries!

Japan flag looks also nice!

This is super cute! 😀 I would even say it is very universal theme!

That’s definitely art! 🙂 <3

Universal themes!
  • Cold countries

Sometimes it is difficult to refer to a destination country, as I mentioned above. Luckily, there are lots of original themes that may refer to the style of our trip! Are you going to the mountains? Or maybe to the forest? Or to completely Arctic climates to hunt the northern lights? Check how many beautiful possibilities are waiting for you! 🙂

Northern Lights always beautiful 😉

Night, cold sky! 🙂

Northern Lights again! 🙂

Mountains! Original theme!

  • Tropical island!

Trip to the tropical island? Fantastic! Lots of ideas and inspirations, because palm trees look outstanding on every background! Even in nature, we like to admire them in front of the blue sky, or during the sunset/rise when a spectacle of lights takes place in the sky! 🙂

Love this theme! 🙂 Always welcome on my nails!

Love this theme! 🙂 Always welcome on my nails!

Tired of palms? Try this original summer look! 🙂

  • Travel around the world

For those who travel accross the country there is a hope too! To avoid losing yourself during these voyages, I suggest maps nails! World maps, retro maps, or maybe subway maps? 😀 They all look great and highlighte our travel soul! 🙂

Retro map!

Classic map! 😀

Subway Map! 😀

That’s all I’ve prepared for you. Of course, these are just a few suggestions for further inspiration. Let me know whats your Travel nails during travels! 😀

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