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Swedish gems – Ystad, town of Gothic Bricks

20 grudnia 2017
Ystad – worth your attention

Ystad is a small town in Sweden, located in its southernmost region called Skåne. Since 1984, it has permanent ferry connections with the port of Świnoujście in Poland and Ronne in Bornholm. We also took once a Ferry to Bornholm, but I will tell you about it in a separate content. The settlement of Ystad dates back to the 11th century, so for swedish conditions it’s quite old town. Ystad is inhabited by 20 000 people. I know it might be for some of you a small number, but I will repeat a sentence once again: for swedish conditions it’s not that small! 😀 Therefore you won’t see here crowds of tourists, but I assure that it’s worth spending here at least one day. Ystad is famous for its Gothic Bricks style that you will definitely notice during your stay. 🙂

How to get to Ystad?

Definitely the easiest way is of course Ferry. As I mentioned above, for sure you can get a ticket from Świnoujście or Ronne in Bornholm. I’m not sure if there are other routes, but here you can check the schedule and prices.

In my case the journey was easy-peasy, because I was traveling from Lund, where I was on my first Erasmus. I had a direct train to Ystad. Journey lasts around 1h. Here you can check the schedule of regional train and buses! I don’t remember the exact cost of the ticket, but if you will travel frequently and often, I recommend you to buy a Jojo card. You have to pay for this card, but then you will get really valuable discounts, especially if you are traveling in 2.

A walk around the city

Lucky you if you don’t like travel with map, because in Ystad you won’t need it. The town is really small and all sights are walkable, so believe me you won’t get lost! 🙂 Generally go to the main square and try to enter small and narrow street. Just enjoy this amazing medieval, gothic bric style, which is very popular in this city. Let me show you pictures so you will see and understand this gothic bric style.




St. Mary’s Church

While in Ystad, be sure to visit two churches – the first is St. Mary’s Church. Its beginnings date back to 1200. 🙂 It was built in the Romanesque style with an arched arch. The most beautiful element of the church is a medieval, wooden cabinet altar. It was made in the eighteenth century by Johan Jerling and it presents the baptism of Jesus and the Last Supper.

St. Mary Church

Wooden Altar

Franciscan Monastery and Church of St. Peter

The Franciscan Monastery is a memorial of one of the largest Swedish monasteries. It was established in the fifteenth century and for me it is the most charming place in Ystad. 🙂 Especially in spring when the cherries and the wonderful gardens around the monastery bloom. In addition to herbs and cabbage, the gardens are decorated with colorful roses. A wonderful, peaceful and quiet place, perfect for a walk with your own thoughts or your friennd. 🙂 Near the monastery there are two most beautiful (in my opinion) gothic brick houses in Ystad.

Franciscan Monastery

Gothic bric houses

Visit the shore!

You don’t have an access to the Sea every day? Then definitely visit the shore of Ystad! The local pier is very long, but it’s worth going to the end. The ships entering the nearby port look great from here! 🙂


Pier 🙂

From Ystad we also went on a trip to Ales Stenar (Swedish Stonehenge). It is worth to combine both trips.

Our Swedish gem is also a holiday base for many Swedes. Nearby there are plenty of bungalows and beautiful beaches! A really wonderful place! 🙂

That’s all what I’ve prepared for you from Ystad. Sorry for such a small amount of pictures, but I wasn’t such a „big photographer” at that time. 😀

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