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Chocholowska Valley – a seasonal and already international attraction

7 kwietnia 2017
Chocholowska Valley – a seasonal and already international attraction

Just a few years ago, Chocholowska Valley was not very popular place. All in all it’s not surprising – just regular valley, very easy route, and without special views. Ideal for someone who likes to walk among trees and rocks, but still in the comfort zone. However, lately, thanks to social media, Chocholowska Valley has become an incredible attraction. Since Facebook and Instagram started showing photos of the purple carpet with the signature of „Chocholowska Valley”, more and more people wanted to have such a photo among beautifully flowering crocuses. The fact that Chochołowska Valley is becoming more and more popular every year, no one seems to be surprised. Only last weekend (01-02.04.17) arrived about 60 thousand people to Chocholowska valley!!  We were also there 🙂


Transport + Costs

Unfortunately, there are no direct buses  from Krakow.  The bus to Chocholowska valley can be reached only from Zakopane or from other nearby towns. Fortunately, we managed to catch a bla bla car from Cracow, which came out very cheaply. For a round way we paid 30 zł and we didn’t have to worry about parking place. We left Cracow around 7:30 and we were before 10 on the spot, and it was already a problem with the place. However, we managed to find a free place but it was still necessary to get to the entrance of the National Park (about 15 min walk).

The queue to the entrance could to scare some people. We were also not very happy, but there was no choice – either now or next year. And who knows what will be the weather in the next year? Because this year the weather was fantastic and it was all weekend. We clenched our teeth, we started to move further harder 😛, we paid 5 zł per person and we went ahead! All right, with a small break for a sausage 😉

Bicycles and Prams

The internet is full of information or even blog posts according to which in Chochołowska Valley you can easily go with a pram or ride a bike. Yes, but only during the week. I think there should be some restrictions on this issue during such weekends where people are coming to see crocuses. First of all, I don’t see any pleasure riding a bike among such crowds. The whole route was crowded and it was enough that the brides with the poor ponies passed by. By adding bicycles, the route was really unpleasant and overcrowded. During the week when it is looser, I don’t see any obstacles to ride a bike. The same applies to baby carriages. It was not enough that in the queue people were riding those prams on others, which was very frustrating, later on they effectively blocked the route. It was difficult to pass such people, especially when people were walking on the both sides. Besides, part of the trail is stony and it was still covered by ice. It caused that a few prams stuck and blocked other people. Result? Big traffic jam on the route. 😀

Incredible. Definitely, too many people…

As you can see, the path is quite nice and comfortable, but still very narrow.


You can enter to the Park with dogs. 🙂 I’m only not sure how cleaning looks like, because honestly I didn’t see any waste container.


I don’t know how much is exactly to pass – somehow 7 km? The sign shows that the route is about 2.5h of walk. I also admit that I don’t remember how much we went to the valley exactly, but on the way we stopped several times for food and photos. On the way back we went down in an hour.

As I mentioned earlier, the route is easy and we walk on the asphalt or something that reminds it. However, part of the road is in the forest and then we walk on the rocks. The shadow of the trees cools down the temperature, so as we walk in the sun wearing only t-shirt, when we enter the forest we immediately dressed the sweatshirts. That is also why this part of the route was covered by ice.

How to dress?

I admit that at the beginning I asked my friends how to dress, because unfortunately in my huge collection of shoes I don’t have any that can be put on mountain trips. 😛 Luckily, my very good friend advise me to wear comfortable shoes like sneakers. I was satisfied with this information. I picked up the rest of the wardrobe: leggings, regular t-shirt, sweatshirts and raincoats. So, we focus on the tracksuit, but urban style was also allowed 😀 😀 😀 . There was no lack of leather jackets, coats, elegant jeans, converse etc…

Our outfit 😀


They grow along the whole route! They are not only in Chocholowska Valley, but also in nearby towns. Although I must admit that their accumulation in this place made a big impression on me. Perhaps that is why on the sign is written route for 2.5 h walk, because someone has already included stops to take some shots of crocuses? 🙂 Well, I don’t know, and on this point there is nothing to write. Just see the photos:

On the way to Chocholowska Valley 🙂

On the way to Chocholowska Valley 🙂

Chocholowska Valley 🙂

Chocholowska Valley 🙂

Chocholowska Valley 🙂

Chocholowska Valley 🙂

Chocholowska Valley 🙂

Chocholowska Valley 🙂

Chocholowska Valley 🙂

Chocholowska Valley 🙂

If you want more pics, you should check our facebook profile! 🙂


We recommend to take sandwiches 🙂 But if there are some sloth here, then we have some hints for them. Right at the entrance is a pub that serves fast grilled dishes. About halfway there is another spot where you can buy something to eat. At the end of Chocholowska Valley there is a shelter, where you can also fill your stomachs. 😛 We recommend Chocholowski Dessert (9 zł) – apple pie with cream, blueberries and blueberry sauce! Pretty OK.


Chocholowski Dessert

Chocholowska Valley – already international? 🙂

Definitely yes, and especially because of the Erasmus Students that we met a lot! So the beauty of the Tatra National Park increasingly reaches the international level.

And finally – a small bonus!

We were back with someone else. It turned out that their car is quite far from here and it’s on some hill … But it was not that bad and we got a great price in return for the effort! We could admire a beautiful view of the mountains and see the historic church 😀

Amazing view 🙂

Wooden church!

Have you already been to Chocholowska Valley? 🙂

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