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One day in Liverpool with me!

10 stycznia 2017
Why Liverpool?

At the beginning we even didn’t think about going to Liverpool, because our main goal was Manchester. My friend is living in Manchester and she invited us to visit her, but we couldn’t manage to make a decision. Finally, we found one long weekend! Manchester is not that big so we could easily see everything in 2 days. We had almost 3 days, so why not to go to Liverpool by the way? It is only an hour away between cities and Liverpool has lots of attractions. For example: Liverpool trading port used to be the biggest one in the whole UK. Wanna know more? Let’s take a virtual trip!


How did we prepare for the trip?

First flights. In case of England the issue is not that complicated because we have many flights from various cities in Poland to various cities in England. Even a day doesn’t matter, because you can still find cheap flight for a weekend. We bought our flights 2 months earlier (September). We flew on Friday (second half of the November) from Warsaw Modlin with Ryanair and 2,5h later we were on the spot without any delays. We were back on Sunday evening but from Manchester to Kraków.  Flights cost without luggage: 230zł. (52 euro). Of course you can find cheaper flights but this price satisfied us because we didn’t have to worry about accommodation.

Before the trip we carefully read other blogs related to Liverpool tourism, Trip Advisor, official guides etc.  We made a virtual trip on google maps to remember streets and attractions (as much as possible of course). We also download on our electronical devices Triposo guide. It’s really useful because it works offline and it contains city map, restaurants, hotels, attractions, museum etc. It’s really good app for free. I can’t imagine sightseeing without this app! I also follow Instagram profiles related to the Liverpool. Through this I may discover nice places, not always included in guides and get some inspiration for my pictures.

British weather

Travelling in November? Yeah, maybe to South Europe or wherever hot and nice weather is. However, weather  is not a challenge for us, but this one in Liverpool was just horrible. The temperature was not that bad (around 5 Celsius) but in few hours we experienced sun, rain and hail…

Getting from the airport to the city center and the most expensive luggage room ever

We started from the John Lennon airport. It’s quite small so we found an exit easily. We didn’t want to waste time for a lunch in the city that is why we grab some food at the airport. That was a good move, because it was lunch time and bus goes approx. 45 min to the city, so we could starve at same point.

Ticket for a bus you can buy at the bus driver but I recommend to visit tourist information first. They will help you in any doubts. One way ticket costs around 3£ and one day ticket around 5£. We bought second one because we thought that we will visit more places, but unfortunately we didn’t manage. So if you don’t have lots of time, keep in your mind that most attractions in Liverpool are walkable.

Our train to Manchester was at 10PM. We left our luggage at railway station, because it was close to our next departure and we didn’t know any other place where we could leave it. Perhaps that is the reason why it was so expensive. We paid for each piece 8£… (this is what happens when is lack of competition).  We were a little regret, but on the other hand, the prospect of going with backpacks around the city all day is not too much we liked.

What we have seen and where we have been? How to spend one day in Liverpool.
Radio Tower

Lunch, bus to the city, luggage and it was already 2 PM. The nearest attraction to the railway station was the Radio Tower. The Radio Tower was open only till 5 PM so it was our first stop. The entrance was a little bit hidden but after few minutes we found it. It costs around 4£. We bought tickets without queuing, however in internet you can find an information that suggests you to buy ticket online because of long queue. This is not true. It is better to buy ticket in Tower because you may overpay online. The view was incredible so we highly recommend this point!

Radio Tower

View from Radio Tower

View of the Cathedral

Albert Dock

Our next stop was Albert Dock. This is the most touristic part of the city and it belongs to the UNESCO heritage. Besides museums, restaurants and souvenirs shops you will find there first structure in Britain which was built from cast iron, brick and stone, with no structural wood. As a result, it was the first non-combustible warehouse system in the world. It is also a great place for pictures. In one hand we have classic docs construction at the other hand we have beautiful view on the city.

Caution: if you wanna buy souvenirs, do it at Albert Dock. We didn’t buy any there because we thought that in the city center we will find more stores. That was a mistake, because we even couldn’t find a magnet. There are not so many souvenirs in the city center so it was really hard to find normal magnet.

Albert Dock

Albert Dock

Albert Dock

We also passed the Beatles Museum. I have to admit that entrance look really lovely, however the ticket price not (around 16£). Both of us are not a big fan of Beatles, so we just skipped this point.

The Beatles Museum entrance

Liverpool One

After that we went to the shopping mall. No, no, not for shopping. We didn’t have time for that. We only wanted to look at beautiful Christmas tree!

Amazing Christmas Tree


Then we went to Chinese district. It was almost 5 PM and it was getting dark. Additionally, rain was really burdensome so we decided to have short break at Chinese restaurant right opposite to the st. Luke church. Our meal was so big and we couldn’t manage to eat everything. Prices were appropriate to the size and quality of food!

St. Lukas Church

Later on was really dark. We couldn’t admire the church in full glory! It didn’t make a big impression on us and it was badly lit. We also not managed to reach the Liverpool cathedral. Unfortunately, we got lost once.

St. Lukas Church

At the evening rain was really heavy. We tried to warm up mulled wine at Christmas Market but it wasn’t enough. We decided to wait last hour at the railway station. But it was so cold there and even next to the bar was really cold. Instead of freezing we went to the closest McDonnald. I must say that I’ve visited many railway station at different time of the year but I’ve never seen such a cold one in such a big city like Liverpool… What a shame.

What else could we see?

Sometimes it’s impossible to see everything. We would love to have more time, because we didn’t see everything what we want. It would be great to have more time in Albert Dock (where we actually spent most of our time).

We also had a plan to visit the opposite side of the river to have a great view on the city – but we didn’t manage…

We also didn’t come closer to the city hall and cathedral.

Our friends told us, that to the north of Liverpool there are beautiful beaches. As a person, who lives quite far from the seaside I was really disappointed that we haven’t seen them.

Perhaps Liverpool is not that big, famous and beautiful like London, but I hope that one day we will come back to finish what we have started. I would say that 2-3 days for Liverpool are enough. But if you manage faster or you feel bored, you can always check Manchester that is only one hour away!

And this is our map! Green – done, Red – to be continued 😉 As you can see, all spots are walkable.

What we’ve seen!

Don’t forget to check the next part of the journey – Manchester!



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