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Where to look for Seals? In Falsterbo!

8 November 2017
An ordinary day, an extraordinary adventure.

Falsterbo is a small town in the south of Sweden. It is also one of the oldest villages in this country – already in the twelfth century was famous for its riches and prestige. Today, Falsterbo is well known among Swedes for its beautiful, long and sandy beaches. In addition, nature in this place formed an amazing spit / island, which, depending on the wind and sea currents, changes its shape. The peninsula is visited by many bird species and seals! 🙂 Due this fact in 1971 was created a nature reserve. It isn’t a crowded place or even widely known. I’ve also discovered it accidently. I was on Erasmus in Lund and a friend of mine recommended me Falsterbo. I checked in googles and in fact – it looked beautiful! When my friends came to visit me, we bought tickets and went to the beach in sunny May day! We didn’t think we would find ourselves in the center of movie plan of the National Geographic. 😀

How to get to Falsterbo?

While it is hard to believe, but in Sweden even the smallest towns are well connected with other towns. We traveled from Lund by train to Malmo, and then we changed to the bus. You can check out the schedule here. The ride takes about 1 hour, and the buses run at a fairly high frequency. In Falsterbo there are several bus stops, but I recommend to get off at Falsterbo Strandbad. This bus is next to the beach. 🙂

Welcome to the paradise! 🙂

Just an hour on the road and a gorgeous, warm May day was announcing a great trip from the very beginning. When we got off the bus, we saw a landscape similar to our Polish coast. A small forest, slowly approaching the sand, and somewhere in the distance the gentle sound of the sea. We passed the forest, but ahead of us was a thick belt of juicy and tall grass. The Baltic was calm this day. Its smooth surface and crystal clear water resembled a lake rather than the sea. The sun was already warming up as in the summer (the other day I got beautiful tan 😀) so we pulled off the shoes and moved forward.

On the way to Falsterbo 🙂

On the way to Falsterbo 🙂

So close to the Sea! 🙂

Only grass left!

Baltic was so calm

Let’s go! 😀

Towards the peninsula!

We had no plans for what our walk would look like. There was no specific purpose. It was just an idyllic walk on the beach in Falsterbo. On the way we passed a few people. One daredevil swum even in the Baltic! Hew was wearing the foam, but still the water at this time is only 13 degrees!! Respect. We walked on the pier and moved on. We also reached the historic lighthouse. It was built in the 13th century, but in the meantime it was modernized several times. In the second half of the twentieth century, lanterns were automated, but now it doesn’t have navigation functions.

Pier in Falsterbo 😀

Pier in Falsterbo 😀


Relax 🙂

Are these stones? No, that’s Seals!

Our walk lasted already few hours and we could already see the outline of peninsu;a. We haven’t seen a living soul for a long time either. It was a bit disturbing, but suddenly we saw a lot of black spots in the distance. I don’t see well and at first I thought that some rocks were scattered on the beach. Meanwhile, our stones began to move, and we, being closer, made an incredible discovery. Whole pack of seals! We were watching National Geographic but live transmission! Seeing one or two seals it’s not a big deal, but such a big herd is made us feel amazing? I guess that lot’s of scholars could be jealous for this view. 😀 And imagine that without pictures, even friends would not believe us! 😉

Meanwhile, when seals saw us, they immediately fled from the beach to the sea. We didn’t want to upset them too much, so we slowly began to retreat. To our surprise, for a while they were following us, as if they were watching us. 😛

Seals 🙂

Seals 🙂

Seals 🙂

Seals 🙂

That’s all from Falsterbo

A walk on the beach took us a few hours. We came back tired and hungry, but happy as never. Not every day you can admire such a views. 😉 Therefore, if you want to watch seals and see them in a natural environment, then go to Falsterbo!

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  • Reply Alin 22 January 2018 at 13:38

    You didn’t see anyone because it’s forbidden to go in MÅKLÄPPEN SANCTUARY between 1st of February till 31 of October.

    • Reply womenofpoland 22 January 2018 at 13:55

      Hi Alin!

      We didn’t enter the prohibited area! We were lucky enough to met them on the beach – next to the golf club.