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The truth about Paris – my personal thoughts.

12 March 2017
The truth about Paris – my personal thoughts.

I know that recently it was very empty and silent here, but it’s because of long weekend in Paris. Just passed a week of our trip, but the cold, hundreds of photos to browse and my job effectively delayed the blog. Fortunately, I finally managed to deal with them and share with you my trip. In this post you won’t find information about the typical attractions or tips how to visit Paris. However, like my friend said: Subsequent post will be devoted to this subject 😀  At the beginning I would like to share a few subjective impressions which I bring back from Paris. Before the departure I had read the mass of blogs and reviews on the internet about Paris and then I compared them with reality. Below, you will find my personal thoughts.


Memories from Paris!

Have I experienced the Paris Syndrome?

Before the trip to Paris, I had no idea that such a thing even exists. I found a description of the problem on a blog and then I also found lots of articles related to this problem. I don’t really understand it, because I can’t imagine that people might be so incredibly deceived. For me it’s similar a bit to photoshop. After all, everyone knows that, even the least interesting place or photos, you can always improve in computer and create almost art. I’m not saying that I have never been mistaken, but I’ve also never been in hospital or by doctor because of such a weird reason. Personally, I think that Paris is beautiful, is a city of lovers and poets and is full of fashion. But Paris is also a very contrasting city. Although, there is a lot of luxury cars, exquisite restaurants and clothing boutiques, however it’s also really easy to find and see those who didn’t have so much lucky with money. Like most European capitals, Paris has its dark and light sides.


Was I disappointed? Well, maybe the weather could be a little bit better 😛

Is it possible to visit Paris and not spend too much money?

A significant decline in popularity among tourists (especially from Asia) due to the terrorist attacks caused cheaper accommodation prices. It is true that during our search for accommodation in this city, we have found several hotels at a good price near the Luxembourg gardens – and therefore not dirty or immigrant suburbs. However, we lived in a completely different part of the city – 20 min by feet from the main bus station, in a two-star hotel with breakfast – Hotel d’Anjou. It was the first weekend of March, and we purchased this trip in November. It costs us along with the flight 480 zł (111,5 €) per person. Although it sounds very inviting, but it’s true – prices in Paris are still cruel. It means that even if you save some money on flights or hotel, you will still spend lots of them in the city…

  • Examples of expenses

Right after the landing in Paris we will notice easily that everything is expensive. It doesn’t matter where you land, you still have to count around 10-30 € for round way if you wanna get to the city. Unfortunately, public transport is very expensive in Paris – single journey costs 1,9 €. Yeah, sure you can always buy one or two day ticket but it’s still expensive. We bought 10 journeys for 14,5 € and it was the best deal for us. Same problem with food. I’m not talking only about restaurants, but also about stores, where prices are horrible. For example, 500 ml of water costs about 1.5 €. The average meal in average reastaurant costs around € 16.5. Sure, you can eat a kebab or pancakes for 6 €, but its size and quality it’s not suitable for this price! Not to mention most of the Paris attractions, which are also outrageously expensive. Someone will say that you can buy a Paris pass, but on the other hand, it’s not always worth it. Of course, some of them are free but those that aren’t free, usually cost more than € 10 … Ex. Montparnasse Tower, which offers a beautiful view of Paris costs 15 €.

Eiffel tower 🙂

I love them, but they are so expensive!! For twelve you will spend only 25 €…

Galeria Lafayette is full of expensive things!!

When is the best time to see Paris?
  • Certainly if you are under the age of 25!!

Why? Because most of the attractions are free if you are under the age of 25!! Not all of them but I guarantee to save a lot of money 🙂 Here you will find all usefuf information related to this topic!

It’s always nice to see Venus totally for free 🙂 😛

  • On the first Sunday of the month from October to March

As you no longer 25 or 26 it is good to take into account the first Sunday of the month in non-holiday months! Most of the attractions are for free this day. Keep in mind that you should come early, if you don’t want to que too long. To enter Versailles we were queing for longer than 1 hour in the rain and the wind at a temperature of up to 6 degrees. What a nightmare and still so many tourists.

What a sacrifice…

  • Is there a perfect time?

It’s hard to say. The holiday season is not only high temperatures but also the crowds of tourists. In March, a little looser when it comes to tourists (eg. No queue on Friday evening to Louvre – even to the Mona Lisa 😛), but the weather can be horrible. We experienced the rain and sun with not so warm temperature. However, our fist day was cloudy but with 17 degrees !! 🙂

Is Paris (not) safe?

Although, nothing has happened to us, I wouldn’t say that Paris is safe. The city government is very sensitive to various incidents. At the entrance to almost every attraction, or even a shopping mall, we have been carefully vetted. Another time, the metro station was closed due to the abandoned luggage and we had to change to the bus. Until the arrival of the police the traffic subway was paralyzed at this point.

Once, we were also stopped because of the manifestation. We turned back due to big amount of people and police. Unfortunately we met it once again under the Triumphal Arch and they effectively blocked the move. Then immediately went into action the police who started disperse everyone (even tourists). They totally closed the whole island with the Triumphal Arch and no one could enter it again 🙁


Is Paris a dirty city?

They threatened and wrote about it everywhere. Not that it was somehow incredibly clean, but it was not so bad. Paris is really ok. With the subway it is a little bit worse, but still – not so bad. You can see that the city is struggling with the garbage intensely.

Is Paris overrated? Do I want to come back there?

No, Paris is not overrated and everyone should see the French capital. Despite its chic and elegant, Paris is also not free of kitsch and clutter. But who cares when Paris has a lot to offer. I know that some of you might be tired because some of Paris attractions are almost everywhere (t-shirts, posters, notebooks etc.). And since so many tourists come to see the city (even from outside Europe) with so many unflattering reviews and the possibility of contracting the syndrome of Paris 😉 it means that Paris is a must!!

Would I come back to Paris? Sure, but not now 😛 . Despite the intensive visit, I didn’t manage to see everything what I have planned. That is why it would be nice to come back one day!!

Paris on my mind 🙂

And what are your impressions of French capital? 🙂

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